how to change to american netflix with buffered

2016 – The game has Changed, Netflix and other premier streaming services are really cutting down on VPN services and other methods (like netflix us dns codes) of accessing different countries content from your own county. They have really started to push back the access to all of their content.

Luckily for us, we have an awesome service with that has also upped its game and will continue to do so.  The bad news is at this moment in time, we can access different content on our macs or pcs. are working on and will be releasing software for androids and OS operating systems soon.

So at this moment in time, we can’t do it on consoles or tablets etc, but we still can get our content through Macs and pcs.

get buffered.

How to in easy steps.

  1. Goto Buffered
  2. Sign up for a free 7 day trial with your email address
  3. Download the software for either your Mac or PC
  4. use the software and secure the country you want to simulate
  5. Enjoy the content.


What Buffered does for you?

Buffered is a service that lets you unblock your internet through restrictions, it is a smart netflix us dns service that helps you unblock content from all over the world. For example, You can watch BBC Iplayer in another country rather as its restricted just to the UK, Another example is you can enjoy Us Netflix (the best Netflix) in any country outside the US.

It basically allows you to be unrestricted In your country, so you get more content, movies and channels from all over the world with a simple click of the mouse.

How does Buffered Work?

The process is simple, It removes the Geo-blocks placed by streaming network services. It does this by sending your ip address to the site that you want unblocked and telling it that you are in that country. Example, You live in the UK but you use blockless .info to say you are in US, so you can access all US content. netflix us dns works very Smart.

Its simple and works and you can access movies, Tv series, original channels and live events that you couldn’t access before.


Is it safe?

Using blockless is 100% Safe and Totally 100% not Illegal.

The Supported Devices are

  • Computer – Mac OSX, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista


The following devices are coming soon

  • Set Top Box – Apple TV, WD Live Player, Roku, Google TV
  • Television –  LG Smart TV, Sony TV, Samsung TV
  • Game Console – Sony PlayStation 3, Sony Playstation 4, Sony PS Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii
  • Phone/Tablet – iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android 2.3, Android 4.0+
  • Game Console – Sony PlayStation 3, Sony Playstation 4, Sony PS Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii
  • Blu-Ray Player – LG Blu-Ray Player, Samsung Blu-Ray Player, Phillips Blu-Ray Player
  • Router – D-Link, Linksys, Cisco, Netgear, Bell Cellpipe, Bell Aliant SpeedStream, Airport Extreme, Siemens Gigaset SE567, Actiontec R1000H, TP-Link Router, 2Wire, General router help

So now, stop trying to search for netflix us dns codes, because it’s not going to work

netflix us dns

How to change to american netflix using netflix us dns codes

Buffered – how to change netflix to american